App Ops – Permission manager 0.1.28 Hack Pro Hack Mod APK (cracked) (Unlocked)

App Ops – Permission manager 0.1.28 Hack Pro Hack Mod APK (cracked) (Unlocked)

Download Free App Ops – Permission manager 0.1.28 Unlocked Android with Direct Link.App Ops – Permission manager 0.1.28 new Hack Pro Hack Mod APK (cracked) Latest version Update is Here.

App Ops – Permission manager Overview: 

Working mode without ROOT need you enable adb over network. Not sure it will work on any device, please not 1 star if can’t use it.


Support Lollipop ,Marshmallow and Nougat

Material Design

Support multi-user and work mode

Support CyanogenMod’s App Ops

What is App Ops: 

App Ops is a part of Android system which allows the permissions of individual apps to be tweaked.

To each app, whether been disabled is not perceivable.

What this app do:

Form Android 4.4, user interface of App Ops was removed.

This app bring App Ops back to you.

What can you do with this app:

For Android 6.0+ users, you can disable the permission of app which refuse to run without permission (allow in system and set deny or ignore in App Ops).

For pre-Android 6.0 users, you can use it as a simple permission control app.

Thing you should know:

Operations you can change is system version related, for example, “run in background” was added from Android 7.0.

What’s the different between “ignore” and “deny”:

Both of them will not allow app to perform the operation. However, select “deny” will cause an exception and app may crash. So most of time, you should select “ignore”.

Known problems:

Not work on some device with root permission

May not work or crash on some highly customed ROM, such as MIUI

Play Store Link: App Ops – Permission manager

App Ops – Permission manager Screen Shots

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App Ops – Permission manager 0.1.28 Hack Pro Hack Mod APK (cracked) (Unlocked) [1.4 MB]