Heroes Arena 0.1.29 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Heroes Arena 0.1.29 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

HEROES ARENA is, globally, the newest and best game multiplayer battle arena built specifically for mobile devices, which focuses on e-sports played correctly. Enjoy the action of scale PVP battle multiplayer modes using 1la1, 3la3, 5la5 and not only choose from in an attempt to climb the ranks and to get fame, but also super prizes! Choose your favorite hero, make a team and communicate with your friends for concluding partnerships epic and exciting fight on maps drawn through the center hordes of minions, monsters and guard towers, generator to destroy the enemy and get the victory! Download and play HEROES ARENA, an e-sports game properly!

game features

1. E-SPORT quickly and correctly:
– Playing partners are found at lightning speed without long waiting times, and the style of play is right, focusing on fast-paced fun.
– Do not ever pay to win, just play to win!

– Experience MOBA classic style with a global multiplayer game in which players from your region automatically join your team.
– Simple controls and interface brings the player more combat action MOBA on-screen, but at the same time, you have full control over your hero.
– Advanced controls such as preset before the fight quickly bought equipment, the ability of leaders, the Rune not only gives your hero an even greater competitive advantage to the opponent.

Download Links :
Heroes Arena 0.1.29 Mod APK *(44 Mb)