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Just Kill Me. 1.0 Mod Hack Pro Mod APK (cracked)

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Just Kill Me. 1.0 Mod OverView:

A super popular RPG game appears at last!
It has got over 300,000 downloads in Japan!

“Your purpose is…yeah, to kill me”

You stray into a game and will be asked to kill the “Demon God” himself.
He tells you how to kill him as well.

Why does he tell you the way to kill him?
What will happen after you kill all of the Gods?

It’s a mysterious game application that you have never experienced!

■■■HOW TO PLAY■■■■■■■■■■■
The way to kill Demon God is very easy.
You just tap and burst magical creatures called Tama.
There is no troublesome operation at all.
Let’s kill Demon God with nice light music!

・like to play free games on your free time!
・like free breeding games!
・are not good at complicated games!
・care about the continuation of manga or anime!

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