VERSUS: The Elite Trials APK 1.0.1 is Here! [LATEST]

Become entangled once more in the epic tale of gods and men on planet versus. The Elite Trials is a purely text-based interactive adventure by Choice of Games that has you play as someone who can steal superpowers and memories. As it’s a game of choices, you can become whoever you want, a double agent working with the Elite Courte or a savior!!

In this sequel to “VERSUS: The Lost Ones,” as one of the prisoners trapped on planet Versus, you must vote for who will fight in deadly gladiatorial battles. Thirteen prisoners have formed a voting bloc, the Elite Courte, to ensure that they choose who lives and who dies.

VERSUS: The Elite Trials (Unlocked) other features:

  • Design your own planet and culture as in a god’s image
  • Live romance with many characters
  • Work with or against the corrupt Elite Courte
  • Learn the shocking truth about your home planet, Prisca
  • Rejoin Lady Venuma, Grog, and Breeze; meet a new cast of alien characters

    Google Play: com.choiceofgames.versus2
    Requires Android2.3 and up

VERSUS: The Elite Trials 1.0.1 APK